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Dear Liam and Noel

Oasis in their heyday.
Source: Wallpapercave

Despite the constant digs, swipes and accusations, always blaming each other for the demise of your band and impeding a reunion, we all know as well as you do that Oasis will eventually reform. Sooner rather than later I imagine, the twitter battles are getting a little tiresome and will soon become counterproductive.

You probably assume your fans desperately want to see this happen but what your egos may have failed to consider is that we don’t, necessarily.

Without a doubt, I’d love to see you guys back together. Oasis were hands down my third favourite band of the britpop era. Fourth, sorry, I forgot about Supergrass, but if we’re to be graced with such a treat, I have some conditions.

First and foremost, new music please. Don’t just parody your younger selves on a summer stadium tour, playing the old hits. You don’t want to end up like Guns ‘n’ Roses. Demonstrate that you still have some songwriting chops and you can cut it in the studio.

No one expects anything you come up with to match the standard of the first two albums. You truly spoiled us with those. But at least better than the majority of stuff that came afterwards. Your solo albums contain a splattering of hints to suggest such a feat might be possible.

And could we please have Guigsy and Bonehead back in the band. Those other guys were a bit boring and you let them write Oasis songs which, although understandable, was a silly idea.

Thanks guys. As brief as it will inevitably be, I’m intrigued to find out what you’re still capable of when working together.

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