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Why do people do this?

Incorrectly stashed toilet roll.

There's no complicated mechanism here. You don't need any tools. All you have to do is lift out the holder, swap the empty tube for a new roll and slot it back in - a task requiring mere seconds of your time. How can anyone be so incredibly lazy they'd leave a toilet roll like this? Understanding just fails me but then again, there's really no limit to the perplexing things inconsiderate people are capable of. For example...

Why do people shove past you to be first on the train, then stand in the doorway blocking everyone when they realise there are no seats available?

Why do people get on a busy train at one end, then push their way through jam-packed carriages to the other end?

Why do people on a crowded train indignantly inform people on the platform there's no more room when one stop previously they somehow managed to squeeze themselves in despite being indignantly informed by the people who got on two stops earlier there was no more room?

Okay, enough about crowded trains. Let's talk about shared kitchens.

Why do people who use a shared kitchen put their dirty dishes in the sink even if there's a dishwasher right next to it? And do they think they're doing the cleanup fairies a favour by half filling their mugs with water before leaving them there? “Look guys, I've started the job for you. It's my pleasure.”

Why do people who would normally put rubbish in a bin think nothing of dropping their cigarette butts on the ground?

It's peak time in the gym. Why do people sprawl over the equipment, chatting into their phone as if they were in their own living room?

After helping themselves at an all-you-can-eat buffet, why do people leave uneaten food on their plate?

In supermarkets, why do people dump an item they've decided not to buy during the time it took to reach the next aisle on the nearest shelf instead of just taking it back?

And why do people, without fail, choose the shittiest possible music whenever they decide to entertain everyone in the vicinity with their bluetooth loudspeaker? Never any classic Springsteen or Bowie.

To be continued.

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